Satin Sizing Labels


Beautiful soft satin sizing labels with your choice of sizing.  They are supplied on a continuous roll with cut lines.

Each label measures 25 x 60 mm when cut. This includes a 10 mm gap on the top and bottom for stitching room and a small gap in the middle for the fold.

When the label is folded, the text and design shows on both sides of the label. The label measures approximately 25 x 20 mm when folded and stitched in.

The labels are thermal printed and fully washable.

From £4.00


How to Order

You can choose from 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 labels in one of the following designs: Bow, Butterfly, Daisy, Paw Prints or No Image.

Choose the print colour that you would like from the following: Black, Blue, Green, Pink or Red. You can choose the font from Arial, Footlight MT or Segoe Print.

Then enter which sizes you would like in the text box. You can order a combination of sizes if you wish. For example, if you order 100 labels, you may want to order 25 x Small, 25 x Medium, 25 x Large and 25 x Extra Large.